Welcome to Rasputin007.com

This is my little place online, where I post my stuff.

True, there are many other much more visited forums where I could post. However I am not bothered with pushing my work on as many devices as I can, mainly because I like the OpenSource idea and the freedom to choose what you put on your device.

What I do is a hobby. I have ideas which I try to turn into working code, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, which is mainly because I am not a programmer, hence my stuff is open for anybody to improve. Apart from that I am a crap graphical designer.

But that is not really the point, I am more interested in the realisation of an idea and for that reason I can not compete with the top polished themes you can buy. And I really don't want to.

It basically is stuff I am interested in, which is not "main stream" stuff, but I do it because I like doing it and that is what a hobby should be like.

If you are still curious then go to my forum page and/or repo page.

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